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The Importance of Having a GPS Device to Track Your Vehicle

When we talk about GPS, the most common use is in the vehicle. Having a cellular device or a device built into the car that can locate addresses and indicate how to get to them accurately is like having a copilot always ready to help you find your way. But in this article we will talk about the importance of having a GPS device to track your vehicle in unusual situations.

Translating the term into Portuguese, GPS stands for ‘global positioning system’, i.e., it is a mechanism capable of locating, with a precision of a few meters, your position in the world.

GPS technology allows access to a series of data related to the geolocation of a vehicle via satellites. Determining, for example, where it is on the map, besides pointing out speed, mileage traveled, and the direction in which the vehicle is moving.

What are the benefits of vehicle tracking?


Using vehicle tracking in your car brings numerous benefits. The most important of them refers to security. In the case of a hijacking, for example, it is possible to find the location of the car precisely in real time after the central office is notified. In this way, the information can be transmitted to the authorities responsible for the search and their work made easier. Furthermore, theft and robbery can be made more difficult and even prevented.

Recovery in case of theft or robbery

With the tracker installed, the chances of recovering the vehicle after a loss of theft or robbery are greater. When the device is installed, the central has access in real time to information about the location, as mentioned above. Thus, if the car is stolen or stolen, it is possible not only to identify where the car is, but also to stop it, if the blocking service is also part of what was contracted.

Cheaper insurance price

Another advantage of having vehicle tracking in your car is that the price of insurance is cheaper. As this device reduces the chance of theft and facilitates the recovery of the car in the occurrence of these situations, the risks of claims considered when calculating the value of the policy are lower. It is a worthwhile installation that offers drivers more security.

Advantageous for companies

For those who own a company with a fleet of cars, vehicle tracking is extremely advantageous. Besides being useful in the cases mentioned above, it enables the control over each car used by the company. Thus, it is possible to determine whether the vehicle was used improperly, for example, if it is not within the scheduled route for the performance of the work. This is possible because the information obtained by the device includes the average speed of travel, route used, period in which the car was stopped, among other useful data.

With all this information, it is possible to increase work efficiency and even save fuel, because vehicle tracking provides tools that make it feasible to optimize displacements.

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