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Security and Management of Vehicles

For greater vehicle protection and efficient fleet management, GPS technology is a great ally, as it allows the exact location of people, objects, and vehicles, in real time.

More control over employees and icrease in productivity

Greater control of the routes used, driving, speed, fewer accidents and reduced downtime, generating increased productivity.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts allow notifications to be received and immediate action to be taken to ensure proper vehicle use, assist in driver discipline, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Greater Safety

For greater security, you have the knowledge of the vehicle’s location in real time 24 hours a day, check the speed at which you are driving, the history of trips, whether the car is on or not, moving or not, among several other pieces of information.

Maintenance costs reduction

Maintenance costs are reduced by controlling inefficient routes, use of the vehicle for unauthorized purposes, decreased fuel consumption, and reduced operating costs.

Control Room 24/7

Trained and capable team to provide the necessary support in risk situations.
Rely on our control room for support throughout the entire national territory.

Ready Response Team (QRF): field team with motorcycles and cars ready to act and offer support in emergency situations in the Luanda area.
With the performance of the service, the success of the recovery is close to 90%.

Decrease in accident rate

The tool works in such a way as to indicate inefficient driving. The device detects sudden acceleration and braking, speeds exceeded during all journeys, and generates alerts indicating dangerous situations. The alert serves to discipline drivers in order to reduce the accident rate.

Greater control of working hours and overtime

Fleet managers visualize inefficient routes or vehicles being used for unauthorized purposes. You will not only have control of routes, but also an accurate reading of the hours that drivers claim to have worked.


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