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Mission, Vision and Values

Mototrax is an advanced monitoring system, fully controlled by the user, which enables the location and monitoring of vehicles in real time, through information obtained with GPS signals and transmitted by the tracker through the GSM/GPRS mobile communication network.

The Mototrax monitoring system is part of Storm Security Services’ package of security solutions, which allows us to make available to the market the option of integrating the GPS system with our 24/7 Control Room and Quick Response Team, ready to act at any time in the Luanda area.

Created in Angola in 2008, the Mototrax System combines the highest tracking technology with one of the best devices on the market, reinforcing the fleet manager’s tools and enabling better decision making.

Among the benefits are the increase in productivity and cost reduction, by providing a rigid control over everything that involves the operations. The system is also equipped with accessories such as remote lock and emergency button. It is the ideal tool for fleet management and private vehicles.

To contribute to a more integrated, connected, and secure world.

To provide solutions that enable people and organizations to be more productive, efficient, and protect their assets and lives.

Commitment to serving our clients.
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