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Monitoring 24 hours a day

It allows you to monitor the movements of all vehicles: where they are, where they have been, how long, when they started their journey, where they have stopped, and much more.

With Mototrax, you can track your vehicles 24 hours a day in real time through any web browser or our smartphone app (iOS and Android).

Scheduled reports

Get automatic reports with the information you need. Simply set up the reports to receive them daily or weekly.
You will find summary reports that present you with the fundamental information, as well as more specialized reports that address specific issues.
Travel reports, stops, ignition on time, Summary of the day, speed, stay at locations among others.

Driver profile (with indications of hard braking and acceleration, scores and ranking)

Learn how vehicles are being driven with driver driving style analysis. The system shows sudden acceleration and braking, and drivers receive scores according to their driving style.
Help drivers have more discipline and improve their driving style.

Eco-driving profile

Find out if the driver is speeding or braking harshly and help him improve his driving style by correcting bad habits.

Good driving (eco-driving) ultimately significantly reduces fuel costs, minimizes accidents, and lowers maintenance expenses.

Battery and starter diagnostics

Get information about battery charge, voltage, and life, as well as starter motor time data. Always have control of the battery charge to activate the entire electrical part of the car, headlights, flashlights, stereo, power windows, horn, etc. The battery is a fundamental part for the proper functioning of any vehicle.

Engine Idle

Idle engine is when the vehicle is stopped with the engine running. Many drivers have the habit of leaving the vehicle running and idling engine consumes more fuel than turning the engine off and on again. Take full control and reduce costs.

Storage of history for 2 years

All history is available online for a period of 2 years and can be consulted through our platform.

Trailer detection

Receive a towing alert by e-mail if your car is moved without permission and track where it is in real time. The alert helps you to act quickly if the vehicle is towed.

Preventive maintenance control

Enter the vehicle’s maintenance information and keep track of the next maintenance to be performed. Preventive maintenance reduces failures in vehicle performance and increases the reliability of the vehicle to always operate under optimal conditions.

Map customization by creating points of interest

A point of interest is a point at a specific location. Create as many points of interest as you need and monitor your vehicle more easily. The map can be customized to make it easier to see your vehicle on any route. By creating points of interest, you can plan a route and monitor if there is any deviation from the route.

Time spent at locations

Know how long the vehicle has been at each location it has been and have full control at all times. If the time required to be at a certain location has been exceeded, you can get the information quickly.


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